Thursday, April 12, 2012

why do people fall in LOVE but they end up crying?

I kept waiting..waiting..& waiting..
At the end, I'm the one who suffer..
What do I mean to you..?
A little sister..? A friend..?

N.A.W.., sudikah awak menjadi halal untuk saya"?
I'm shocked..

The first thing I saw when I was online..
Are you proposing her right now?
Don't tell me that you're proposing her..

Yes, I'm jealous!
I admit that I refuse you once..

Yeah, the biggest mistake that i ever made..
Still, can't you wait for me for a while?
When we were apart, I realizes how much I miss you..

I miss to chat with you.. I miss to be with you.. I miss everything about you..
Now, its all meaningless..too late for me..

But, one thing that we never do it together..
Go to the island..with your friends..we all having fun together..
I guess it won't be happen forever..

Let me remind myself..
Sejauh mana rasa cinta, sayang kita pada seseorang..
Tapi ia sudah tertulis bukan jodoh kita sejak azali..
Kita harus pasrah dan terima dengan hati yang terbuka..
Kerana Tuhan telah mengatur apa yang terbaik untuk kita..
Mengikhlaskan hati dan pasrah..itu yang akan saya lakukan..
For both of you.. I'm wishing the best in your marriage..

[Frankly speaking, still love, miss you..& I won't fight for it..
You deserve better..]

I believe that one day, I will met my soul..pray the best for me!